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Avoiding ideological bias and binary thinking, the moniker "NPPsolutions" (NPPS) stands for "No Party Preference Solutions". Polling (Gallop) indicates that 42% of USA voters consider themselves "independent".

NPPS applies "systems analysis" to achieve better solutions for complex public policy issues. Probing cause-effect relationships, moving away from crisis management, we look for "consistent policies and applications" that can empower healthy institutions and organizational structures.

Blending policy theory with practice, NPPS explores the process of public administration considering principals of leadership, planning, coordination and control.

NPPS helps diverse stakeholders achieve greater levels of collective success by identifying a common agenda and shared measurement systems - helping people cultivate a deep awareness of current reality.

NPPS works within a framework for harmonizing "environment, society, economy and technology issues". Causal feedback loops are used to evaluate intended as well as unintended consequences.




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